GED-4-1.2 Graphite Metal Grounding Device

Product Application

BVB GED series graphite metal grounding device: the main body of the grounding device is a mixture of graphite and metal powder with many small holes, and a hollow metal pole core is built-in. Connecting the ground cable to the BVB GED graphite metal grounding device can quickly discharge the huge lightning current to the ground. 
Graphite metal grounding devices are widely applied to the ring grounding system of railway signal and communication buildings. At the same time, it can also be used in other grounding systems, such as power frequency grounding, protective grounding, work grounding and other grounding systems for power, financial, and telecommunications systems. 

Product features

Low ground resistance
Corrosion resistant and long service life
With the latest technology, simple installation 
Graphite and metal powder are mixed and pressed